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Why not call Jonathan now?

In therapy, the relationship starts at the very first contact. Do feel free to call initially on the phone; however, if you would like to express your interest by text, WhatsApp or email then that works for me.  I’d be happy, if appropriate, to call you back at your convenience; or we can arrange an initial meeting without speaking.  Please advise if your voicemail is private and whether I can leave messages.

Both of my telephone numbers have voicemail systems that only I can access so any messages will be private and confidential. If I call you back and someone else answers, I will maintain your confidentiality and not disclose why I am calling.

If you reside in Luxembourg or other international locations, my numbers with the UK country code are below.  Also please do feel free to use WhatsApp.

Landline    +44 1403 261413

 Mobile    +44 7736 738328