Family therapy

I have experience of working with both families and larger groups and believe we are always trying to do our best.   In family therapy, the family does not need ‘fixing’, it does not need to be told what to do or educated; but, can benefit hugely and transform itself through small ‘nudges’.

Family problems do not tend to occur in isolation, typically problems are highlighted by family members struggling to cope and yearning to make things better.  In my work I will help you create a space in which the family members can feel safe enough to share and explore their experiences.  Sharing enables a movement away from ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’, and towards the expression of feelings and needs.  The journey in family therapy enables the family to re-discover each other, a movement towards living together respectfully and basis for healthy rewarding and loving long-term relationships.

The benefits can be life-long and can arise from dealing with separation and divorce, the problems arising from arguments, the pressures of living together, the challenges of adolescence.

A systemic approach gives families:

‘nudges’ that help them to develop new patterns together, taking on a new organisational structure that allows growth’

(Von Schlippe & Schweitzer, 1998, p.93)

A family therapy testimonial

written by a client regarding our work with herself and her son


My once wonderful relationship with my 13 year old son suffered what I thought was a mortal blow when I separated from his Dad.

We came to Jonathan, and he helped us see that our situation could not be magically ‘fixed’; yet, in providing us with a safe and non-judgemental environment, my son and I talked about how we felt and what we needed from each other.  We learned how to ask for what we needed without causing pain.  What we actually needed, was each other’s love, as it had become lost among all the hurt, anger and insecurity.

Now, the rages have disappeared, school is great and our relationship is once again loving and affectionate and good for both of us. We would not have achieved this on our own. The care Jonathan showed us both, and the value he placed on our feelings was emotionally strengthening.  Our sessions always managed to give me hope, he was never shocked or stumped and we always came away feeling we’d been heard and that we were reconnecting.  I don’t think there is a word that would fully describe how very grateful I am to Jonathan.

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