Anger Management

In considering Anger Management:

Anger is an important part of being human, it can offer motivation and fuel for many positive things we can engage in; but, can also be an extremely destructive force.  If we are not aware of how anger arises in us, we cannot make choices about how to deal with it and we run the risk of losing control of it.  Uncontrolled anger can cause significant harm to others and cost you your freedom, your relationships and your happiness.  Working on your anger is an invaluable investment, offering potential for contentment, self-respect and positive relationships; whilst avoiding the involvement of law enforcement and possible eviction, court orders, divorce and imprisonment.

Anger management is not about denying your anger but becoming more aware of it, noticing it earlier, taking control and developing space to make decisions. There is an idiom which resonates with me regarding anger, and refers to ‘having tea with your demons’.  I believe the solution to problems with anger is within each of us already, and can lead to much higher levels of self-respect and self-trust.  The changes in the way you manage difficult feelings, such as anger, will be very apparent to others and it is very likely your relationships with them will reflect these changes and choices.

Anger management

We can work together on anger individually or in family or couple groups.  Whether worked on in a group setting or on an individual one-to-one basis, such work, can be an excellent way to regain control of your life and relationships.

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