Individual therapy

When working with clients in individual therapy we will strive to create a relationship where you will feel heard and understood.  I will be open and honest with you.  We can work on whatever you need to, as I consider you to be the expert of your experience.  It doesn’t have to be all ‘talk’ and revisiting the past,  we can be creative, for example exploring conversations you are not or have not been able to initiate or engage in.

Areas often explored include work and relationship problems, life changes including loss, illness and bereavement.  Stress, anxiety & even depression with their associated problems.

I do not see my clients as broken, damaged or ‘ill’, they are doing their best often in very difficult circumstances.   I see them as having all the resources they need right now; however, are often stuck and unable to make the changes they might like.  Together we will, hopefully create a relationship which will enable you to develop a sense of trust and agency in your feelings and needs, and therefore facilitate your own solutions and transcend your current challenges.

My approach is flexible to your needs, I believe through our work together in individual therapy you will be able to solve your own problems with the benefits being reflected in relationships with others, including your family.  I don’t pretend to have a solution; however, I will help you try to find out what you need and want.

The earlier approaches to counselling, which are still available today place the therapist in a position of power, as an expert who can interpret experiences often using convoluted language.  I personally prefer you to tell me your interpretation of what is going on and how you make sense of the world; it tends to be much richer, detailed and accurate.   Other more contemporary ‘medical’ approaches encourage you to ‘think’ your way out of your situation, which can be useful for phobias, but in my experience, and research support this, the results are short term.  I find such approaches reduce the experience of being human to lists, scores and percentages.

“People wish to be confirmed in being with others… which can only come from one human being to another”.

(Martin Buber, 1970)

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NOTE: All client names are pseudonyms to protect confidentiality!

Jonathan - www.jonathanjmitchell.co.uk

Jonathan is understanding, empathic and listens to everything. He is incredibly supportive and I feel he has helped me feel as I should and how I did before I fell ill. Thank you!

Olivia - Haywards Heath

This room is magical...

Katherine - Brighton

How did this work...?

Selene - Lingfield