Data protection

In realtion to Data Protection, I am registered with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) , and pay them an annual fee.

In accordance with the UK Government’s Data Protection Act 2018, data will be stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR EU 2016/679).

Overall client information is recorded in paper form (on a ‘Client Information sheet’), which will not be transferred to an electronic system and will not be shared with third-parties.

For day-to-day use we may need to store a client contact record on iPhone/Outlook under Christian name (and possibly the first letter of  surname), but this would only comprise phone/mobile/email as appropriate.

The therapist may need on occasion to discuss client work with his Professional supervisor and in this case may offer the client’s Christian name (and possibly the first letter of surname) as a reference for this activity.  The supervisor is bound by confidentiality.

In accordance with my professional body’s guidelines (the UKCP), I keep brief, hand written records of our sessions together, which are stored in a locked and secure place.  Any client notes recorded will be anonymous, accessed via reference number and initials, and will not contain specific details, being held securely and separately from other client information.

The therapist will always endeavor to obtain client consent before sharing any information, an example being: if he thought that in the course of therapy the client or others might be in imminent danger of harm.

I invite clients to review my Privacy Policy on starting work, and we can discuss whether the current arrangements meet their needs.

ICO Data Protection


GDPR Data Protection