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Measure for measure: Using questionaires and measures

Measures in therapy are typically a set of questions, against which the client ‘self-scores’ themselves enabling us to get some[...]

Working abroad

Working abroad: Expatriate challenges

Executives posted to foreign countries find their work-life balance is very different from working in their home country. [...]

stages of grief - beereavement

Infidelity – Helen Fisher

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher describes the evolutionary dilemma created between sex drive and partner attachment.[...]

sussex living counselling editorial 2014

Sussex Life magazine – editorial

Family Wellbeing It is apparent to me that financial success and security do not guarantee an easy life for us,[...]

family therapy

A video snippet of Virginia Satir – A pioneer in Family Therapy

Virginia Satir was a 20th century psychotherapist who is often referred to as the pioneer of family therapy. Professional Life[...]