Work-related stress: Top tips

Work-related stress can exhibit how our bodies still act in primitive ways, despite the modern world we live in, coping with it, encourages us to accept our stress responses rather than fighting them.

Approaches to coping with such responses might include simply focusing on our breathing which can help us to overcome our fight-flight responses.

“Research shows that the triggering of our fight or flight response activates the right front part of our brain, which alters the way we think. When trapped or threatened all animals DART – defend, attack, run away or tolerate (accept their fate). Humans are no different but in our case DART thinking can make us defensive, aggressive, destructive and resistant to help.”  – according to Paul Bird of The Emotional Fitness Academy.

In addition, mindfully allowing intrusive any thoughts to come and go without choosing to get embroiled in them.   If feeling anxious, then looking back to more positive memories of dealing with difficult situation where we overcame feelings of anxiety and panic can help place difficult feelings in perspective and help us view them more optimistically.   When feeling helpless, then focusing on what we can do rather than what we have no control over, can give us a stronger foundation of experience.   These approaches focus on what is going on right now, in the here-and-now, rather than allowing ourselves to be drawn in to the past or the future.

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