People choose independent schools out of fear

Choosing independent schools

Charlie Higson who played Ralph in the Fast Show, reflects on the motives for choosing independent schools, offering private education for our children, he refers to scaremongering from government ministers over fears of bullying, drug use and sex.  Parenting is fraught, and not something we can re-run, as it is a one-shot business and carries a lot of responsibility.  For many the range of educational choices is extremely broad even without the political and social trappings.  Are private schools inherently better than state run education?

Charlie describes how the problems are not necessarily different at private schools but often the facilities are much better.  Nowadays, the need for a working knowledge of Latin is going bye-the-bye, but parents ‘go private’ largely out of fear, not least from the fear generated by politicians.

The article describes how it facilitates access to and insight into local state secondary schools.

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