Anorexia epidemic in UK independent schools

Anorexia:  Forget the ’cause’ of eating disorders – we must promote good mental health

In addressing eating disorders such as anorexia, body image and weight are the external focus, but to find the solution we must look beyond that.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week starts today, and charity Beat is working with Cosmopolitan magazine to campaign for doctors to take eating disorders more seriously, and to treat them before they get out of control.

“The theme common among the sufferers I know is the sense of powerlessness. When their lives seem chaotic, with no means to speak out or fix the problem that was making them sad, they took charge using one of the only methods available to them.” – Daisy Buchanan, the Guardian

In the past year there has been an 8% rise in the number of admissions of patients being treated for eating disorders – most markedly among the under-15s, with some patients as young as five. And, according to research from mental health charities, there is an anorexia epidemic in Britain’s independent schools, with girls from aspirational families thought to be the fastest growing group of sufferers.


Read full article by Daisy Buchanan of the Guardian:

A review of an article by Daisy Buchanan of the Guardian regarding eating disorders and problems in adolescents in the top UK independent schools.


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