Telephone therapy and Skype therapy

I offer both therapy over the phone and therapy over Skype; however, do not offer type-written ‘instant messaging’ style counselling.   When working with remote clients I feel occasional face-to-face sessions can be beneficial too.

Electronic fee payments can be made by clients either by direct electronic payment to my business account or via PayPal or debit card to my PayPal account.   Blocks of sessions can be paid for in advance.  Amounts are in payable in sterling and no VAT is applied.

If wanted I can send a PayPal money request email or PayPal electronic invoice.  I am currently exploring direct payment via Visa and MasterCard and will be directed by client demand.

To discuss your needs please call:

+44 (0)1403 261413 or

+44 (0)7736 738328

We can book a meeting now!