Online Counselling - Therapy via Telephone and Video

I tend to group together therapy over Telephone and Video connections into the term Online Counselling; but, notably I don’t offer type-written ‘instant messaging’ style counselling.

We can use telephone or video, and frequently this is via traditional telephone, WhatsApp calls or WhatsApp video; but, FaceTime and Zoom are available too.

The process typically involves an initial contact from the client; and potentially a brief phone call. If we agree to holding an initial session, the client pays my fees electronically in advance, prior to the session, dropping me a message to confirm payment.  Then on the day and time of the session the client will call me using their preferred medium.

To discuss your needs please call:

+44 (0) 1403 261413 or

+44 (0) 7736 738328

We can book a meeting now!

In Online Counselling, when working with couples and families usually one phone/camera at the client’s end with clients slightly apart makes for a more representative way of working which is closer to way we would normally work face-to-face in my therapy room.

When engaging in online counselling, occasional face-to-face sessions with clients may be beneficial; however, Covid-19 measures have made this difficult.  Also for Luxembourg-based and other clients residing outside the UK, we would need to co-ordinate face-to-face sessions around travel.

Electronic fee payments are typically made by clients in advance by electronic transfer to my business account prior to sessions.   At the moment I only have a Sterling account so for clients in the Luxembourg and the rest of the EU I can quote fees in Euros.

Blocks of sessions can be paid for in advance.  No VAT is applicable.