English language counselling for Luxembourg residents

Jonathan J Mitchell

Counselling in Luxembourg

I am a well-qualified and experienced, UK-based therapist offering counselling in Luxembourg over the phone and via video to English speaking residents.   This being an extension to my UK-based practice.

This page is focused on reaching out to residents in Luxembourg, mainly because I know the city well and have a fondness for it and the various people I have met over the years who have worked for the institutions within and around the EU on my numerous visits to see family in Luxembourg over three decades.

If you are interested in learning more about receiving counselling in Luxembourg, then do call me directly now, or if you’d like to read more about my practice then do explore the rest of  my website.

Here are my UK numbers, and if calling do feel free to use an internet telephone service such as WhatsApp if that would suit!

Having worked exclusively with clients face-to-face until 2020, I found myself in the situation of only being able to work with clients remotely.  I felt this was a great time to offer my skills and services to a wider community of clients.  I look forward to your call and to offer new clients some counselling in Luxembourg.

To discuss your needs please call:

+44 1403 261413 or

+44 7736 738328

We can book a session now!

Luxembourg city by night

Over the last year I have delivered the majority of my therapy sessions to clients, via telephone and video, including Couples Therapy!  Interestingly both my clients and I, have found the experience very rewarding.  Clients often find fitting our sessions into their busy days so much easier when there is no travel involved, and the quality of sessions can be just as good as working face-to-face.

or perhaps take a look at my pages on Individual Therapy or Couples Therapy.